Using the power of AI and local resale to optimize oversized returns recovery.

Introducing FloorFound RecoverAI
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CX team places return request on RecoverAI platform
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RecoverAI predicts revenue recovery
FloorFound | RecoverAI Process Flow
Platform schedules same day pickup
FloorFound | RecoverAI Process Flow
Item is intelligently routed to the right reseller
FloorFound | RecoverAI Process Flow
Item is sold and retailer gets payout
FloorFound | RecoverAI Process Flow
FloorFound | Customer | Castlery
FloorFound | Customer | Inside Weather
FloorFound | Customer | Burrow
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FloorFound | Customer | Denver Modern
FloorFound | Customer | Havenly

Our Platform

RecoverAI optimizes each return to maximize your revenue recovery and minimize waste. 

We seamlessly connect your oversized returns with our extensive network of direct-to-consumer resellers, and track your returned items through sale.
With RecoverAI by FloorFound, drastically improve your bottom line by realizing up to 25% revenue recovery on your returns.

Join us in shaping the future of furniture retail.

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