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The results are in and there’s no mistaking it — the recommerce era is here.

Amid rising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of their purchases, demand for sustainable products is skyrocketing. In response, brands and retailers are reimagining the product lifecycle to include resale — finding new life for lightly-used, returned, and open-box items.

While second-hand fashion gained early prominence, demand for resale is now growing across all types of consumer goods. That includes furniture and other oversize items, a category that introduces a new level of complexity to circular commerce. Customers can’t simply mail back furniture they no longer want, and large items carry heftier price tags than T-shirts.

But consumers are undaunted. Demand for resale furniture is strong: not only have more than six in 10 consumers already bought used items such as sofas and dining room tables, but the majority of those buyers plan to make another resale purchase in the coming year.
FloorFound | 2022 Recommerce Report | 12 million tons of furniture waste is generated in the U.S. annually
of furniture waste generated each year in the US

Sustainability is a potent motivator for committed resale buyers – no surprise, given that more than 12 million tons of furniture waste is generated in the U.S. annually, and 80% ends up in landfills.
The majority of consumers are willing to support sustainable resale by purchasing directly from brands, and seek out experiences that offer quality merchandise and superior customer experiences. With a resale program built on robust features and services, brands and retailers can establish themselves at the forefront of the circular economy.

Read about the future of recommerce — and the future of commerce as we know it — in the 2022 Recommerce Report.

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