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Get a custom-calculated estimation of the value & ROI your brand can see with FloorFound's recommerce solution based on your brand's returns volume, average MSRP, and industry.

Revenue Recovery


Customer Benefits


Total Annual Value


*This is the estimated annual value recommerce would generate for your brand. This calculation is based on averages seen across brands similar to yours. If you'd like a deeper understanding of the calculations, please don't hesitate to reach out.

measuring value & roi with recommerce

The Recommerce Value Calculator is a powerful tool that helps retail brands understand the value they can generate through recommerce. By inputting key metrics like the average number of returns per month and the MSRP of products, brands can quickly assess the potential value they can unlock.

There are two important ROI metrics in recommerce: revenue recovery and customer acquisition value. Revenue recovery represents the net amount recovered from reselling returned items, accounting for expenses like transportation, storage, and commissions. Customer acquisition value measures the total value of new customers acquired through recommerce, considering both the number of customers and their lifetime value.

Recommerce as a growth channel

Traditionally, brands have viewed returns as a cost to minimize or liquidate at a fraction of the original price. The Recommerce ROI Calculator shifts this perspective, allowing brands to see returns as an opportunity for increased revenue, new customer acquisition, brand exposure, improved customer experience, and decreased operational costs.

To leverage this growth opportunity, brands use FloorFound's recommerce management platform, which transforms brand supply (returns, overstock, floor models) into a new growth channel.


of recommerce customers are new to brands.


of new customers become repeat purchasers with high LTVs.

Growth is a key benefit for brands who implement recommerce. Returns that are typically liquidated, donated, disposed of, and abandoned can be used to acquire new customers.

discover the untapped potential of recommerce

Want to learn more about how these calculations are made and what's involved in starting a recommerce program? Talk to one of our experts! They can offer a comprehensive ROI analysis tailored to your specific returns inventory & industry. Set up a free ROI analysis call by clicking below and gain valuable insights into the potential of your recommerce initiatives.

FloorFound | Start turning your returns into revenue

Getting started is easy.

After one brief call with our experts, you'll have a custom ROI report based on your returns inventory to take back to your team. Start turning returns into revenue & new customers.

get custom roi report

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