FloorFound | The Economics of Recommerce

Webinar – The Economics of Recommerce: New Returns Solution Results In Found Profit

WEBINAR: The Economics of Recommerce

FloorFound | The Economics of Recommerce
How A New Solution Turns Returns Into Found Profit
Returns and reverse logistics historically have been sunk costs for brands, especially in the oversized market. But as economic pressures have consumers tightening their belts, resale continues to gain momentum as an affordable and sustainable alternative to managing returns, turning a costly pain point into a source of income.

More brands are shifting to recommerce models to recover returns costs, subsidize inventory, attract new segments of customers, and more, while brands without a recommerce strategy leave money on the table.

FloorFound co-founder and CEO Chris Richter breaks down the economics of oversized recommerce and how it can offer a competitive advantage over traditional liquidation models.

Join us as we explore:
  • The challenges returns create across the business
  • The ROI breakdown of recommerce and how it compares to other solutions (i.e., liquidation, donation disposal, etc.)
  • The realities of implementing a recommerce program and time to realization of benefits
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